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My 4 year old Compaq CQ71 has finally died and I need a new laptop quick..

Things have moved on since I bought that one so Im stuck between power/performance and budget ( which is important.. )

Can anyone give me some comments on these two :-

Toshiba Satellite L855-149 Laptop, Intel Core i7, 2.4GHz, 6GB RAM, 750GB, 15.6", 2yr warranty £630 - John Lewis

HP DV6 AMD A6-3410MX 8GB DDR3 750GB 15.6" WIN 7 BLU-RAY HDMI DV6-6104EA - 1yr warranty £440 - Tesco Outlet

Is the I7 really worth the £200 difference

I run visual studio and develop web and stand alone applications for clients

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  1. Hi :)

    I sell laptops in my UK computer shops...

    Please tell me you are not serious about buying a cheapie laptop for Business...

    You NEED the best laptop you can afford with the best warranty for a Business laptop, and they start at around a grand...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I7 is good for highly threaded workstation and rendering apps. Not needed for your use. I'd stick with I5 with discrete graphics for the most versatility. Especially if you ever play games....
  3. If you were happy with the performance of your CQ71, either of your choices will be fast enough. Laptops have improved a lot since you purchased your Compaq. You may miss the larger 17" screen, but you can always connect an external monitor when you aren't on the road.
  4. Thanks for the replies...and as for the £1k laptop..I have never spent more than £600 on a laptop in over 20 years of business. You only need to spend that sort money if your development really need it !

    The CQ71 was getting a bit old in the tooth and I wont miss the 17" screen..
  5. Looks nice..thanks
  6. np anytime i owned 2 asus laptops, work great ;)
  7. Obvious question.. Windows 8 or Windows 7

    should I ask in another forum section ?
  8. no, windows 7 is stable and fine, windows 8 is still new and in its infancy, i stick with stable products and wait till the new os has been out for a year or year and half till i buy in.
  9. @Smalzoo,

    Your CQ71 has something which today's cheap laptops don't - above-average resolution of 1440x900. For development, I would get a laptop with 1080p screen (and you should be able to find one for below a grand,whether it's UK or USD).
  10. smallzoo said:
    Obvious question.. Windows 8 or Windows 7

    should I ask in another forum section ?

    Hi :)

    Regarding 7 or 8.... make SURE the business software you use will work with 8 as a LOT does NOT ...yet..

    Personally , in your position, I would go for 7...

    All the best Brett :)
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