Dimensions intel gma x4500 graphics card

Want to update this card does anyone know the dimensions of the card. Need to determine if it will fit in my machine.

Thank You
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  1. That card is just a part of your chip set! What system do you have so we can see if you have a slot for a card?
  2. The Intel Graphics Media Decelerators are not separate cards, but integrated in the chipset. They are not appropriate for 3D gaming.
    Tell us what machine you have that a new card needs to fit, the games you want to play, resolution of your monitor, budget, and the brand and model (not just wattage) of your PSU.
  3. The machine is a Gateway SX2801-07e. Let me know if that is all you need.
    Duke Nuckem, Fallout, and etc.

  4. inel gma chips are not built for gaming although intel claims that it can support directx 10 gaming.but in real ,its very slow and work on shared memory system.get some other cards for gaming.
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