Hello,i have the following system:intel I7 920, acer x58 MoBo, 12GB corsair vengence triple channel ram, MSI HD6970 lightning vga, 128GB OCZ ssd with win 7 home premium on it, 500 GB samsung Hdd for media files. If the system goes iddle for a long time(and only then, otherwise the system works perfectly), it will freeze, meaning that i can only move the mouse cursor, nothing else reacts. Restarting the system is a fail, system wont recognize the SSD with windows on it. If i boot from Win dvd, i can see and reinstall windows on the ssd. this happened 3 times so far in the last § months, the only remedy being the format and reinstall of clean windows. pls help me out. thank you in advance, yours, Stefan.
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  1. Update the ssd's firmware though I'm surprised you needed to reinstall windows. On my htpc system a complete power down restart would re-detect the ssd and boot up fine.
  2. the message i get on reboot is *auto-detecting ahci port 6*..witch is the SSD port and it freezes there...cant even access BIOS unless i disconect the ssd...
  3. Did you power the system completely off first?

    Doesnt really matter... update its firmware is still the recommendation.
  4. It seems like my SSD is somehow fried by this incident. I tried to reformat it on 2 different computers but none of them *see* the ssd. Wheen its conected, the boot takes really long {the POST phase about 3 minutes and the actual boot another 5} but at the end i cant see it neither in bios neither in windows.
  5. OK, final answer, SSD is fried beyond repair.Yes, i still have the warranty. But i will try to switch for a Samsung 840 pro series..i hope it will work properly, i read very good things about it :). Thx everyone for your input.
  6. no need to spend more money, OCZ is good at repairing/replacing these and they seem to work good afterwards now.
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