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I am working on building my first computer, and was wondering, do you need extra cooling in the Coolermaster HAF 932? It seems very spacious and has 3 big fans in it already. If it matters, I'm probably going to get an i5 3570k and Radeon 7950. Do either of those run exceptionally hot? If I overclock, would they run a lot hotter? Should I overclock?

Another question: How big of a power supply should I get for this system with an ASRock Z77 Extreme4, the 2 above parts, 2x 4Gb Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz RAM, a 128 Gb SSD, and a 500 Gb HDD? I was thinking 750 W, but is that too much or too little? If I overclock, would I need a bigger one?

And since this is my first build, I'd like for everyone to tell me if any of these components are incompatible and/or ineffective choices. I'm open to criticism about any of these choices and also some recommendations. My goal is to stay around 1200 USD in price, but it can go a little higher.
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  1. I have AMD edition of the HAF932 and it will stay cool with just the fans that came with it even if you overclock.
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