High end setup! Please help-SLI

I hope this is the right place to ask this question. I come for knowledge from all you wiser, more experienced guys!

Right now I'm sporting a FT02 case (Silverstone) with a Cooler Master V8 heatsink on my i5-2500k. GPU is single 7970, stock cooler.

I've recently started a great job and will be doing some major overhauling in the next few months, starting with a Cosmos 2 case. I have some high end ideas I want for the future, and am pretty sold on that case (I'm a sucker for size, and I love that the side panels are reminiscent of a car door!) so here are my questions! (PS: Wife is getting my FT02, so it won't be going to waste, and yes, she's a gamer with some nice high end components because she gets my leftovers)

I'm going to be rocking 670's starting in SLI, then probably triple and quad setups down the road(One of the reasons I need a new case-FT02 only has 7 expansion slots). I'm going with a 240mm rad for the cpu (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835106190). It's all in one, but I'm not interested in a custom setup atm.

So with that known, should I be interested in stock, blower style, coolers on my gpus (such as EVGA, as I may consider their 670s with 4gb ram and backplates) or would I be better off getting something like Gigabytes windforce or Asus's DC2s? I want low noise along with low temps.

I'm aware the blowers will exhaust all the air at the expense of noise and direct gpu temps, whereas the aftermarket coolers will blow some air back into the case, but will be more quiet. I will be putting 2 low rpm fans in the Cosmos 2's side door, to increase positive pressure and feed the gpus cool and direct air. I'm not really concerned about raising temps in the case a little if it keeps noise down, but really respect these forums and hope to get some thoughtful and experienced feedback.

Please no custom loops stuff...If I ever do that, I'll ask around, but I'm not interested in that at the moment. Perhaps down the road. BTW: I'm going to go with a single 1080p 27" 120hz monitor with 3dvision, and most likely get two more when I get 3-4 gpus to feed them.

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  1. if you're going that high end, make sure you buy something like an i7 3930x chip at minimum. the consumer grade chips (socket 1155) do not have enough PCIe bandwidth to really handle tri-fire let alone quad-fire (actually, even an i7 extreme can't do it efficiently, scaling is typically horrible).

    that aside, if you're not going quad-fire, something like the ASUS DC2s should be fine. as long as there's room for them to breath, they're better than the blower style fans in my opnion (especially if you're getting a rad for the CPU, so your CPU isn't dependent on case temperature. the blowers will sound like jet engines in triple SLI

    if you're going quad-fire regardless, then you should consider getting something with a reference PCB for waterblocks... there's no way around it. you can't run four 670s on max with them next to each other with no spacing in between...
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