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I recently installed the artic freezer pro on my Asus p6x58d preimum m/b, since my CPU started overheating. I have 12gb RAM and the fan part is blocked by a RAM stick, but I was able to raise the fan portion a few inches for clearance. The fan is still attached and I started up the PC and the fan runs well and the CPU temp was approx 28c, but I was reluctant to start playing a game before I knew if this would be an issue. I could possibly rotate the fan, so its not blocking the RAM slot, but I was afraid this may be a bigger problem and if I did this, would I then need to replace the thermal compond, even though it was just installed today? Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. all u did was slide the fan up the heatsink, and the heatsink is still properly seated on the CPU, then you should be fine. this will affect the cooling performance but shouldn't be problem. maybe just check the temp every once in a while to make sure it doesn't climb up to say +70C
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