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Whats the difference between CDs with the reflective surface (most CDs) and the black surface ones (like Playstation games)?
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  1. Well...
    The black ones are for Playstations!

    There's really not much difference. Both can be read in a standard CD-ROM.

    Sony just mandates the black plastic look to be distinctive, I suspect.

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  2. I agree there is no difference. My friend was able to copy Sony play station CD using regular CDRW drive.
  3. oh ok....but there are black button blanks that you can buy...
  4. Those Psx cdroms are black so Sony could tell people 'if it's not shiny-black, it's fake'. One of the proprietary copy protections, which did right next to nothing. The IR reflection spectrum isn't affected to any real extent.

    Now, as to what dye it uses or whether you can burn it in a normal writer, I know not.

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  5. Black cds are for looks. Personally I have never used them. Last time I checked they were more expensive. Some playstation cds can't be read in some drives because of the reflection. I have to say I haven't heard other people say that, but I know the toshiba dvd built in to the laptop couldn't recognize a psx cd.
    Here is some stuff the makers of them say:

    Basically in short, the only reason to buy black media is the Ultra Violet protection if you leave your cds sitting in the direct sunlight all day. The qualify of cdr depends on the manufacture and the organic dye layer. I recommend getting the Fuji from officemax since it is the best I've used and they're like $12.50 for 50 of them.
  6. Where can u get black bottom cd's- they would be REALLY cool.

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  7. Found em on Pricewatch- only $30 for 50 pack. paid teh same for my regular CDs.

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  8. I Australia, one black bottom CDs are $3 and a normal one is about half of that...

    Thanks for the URL forgettythatty!
  9. Just purchased a 50 pack. Can't wait...

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  10. I heard somewhere that the black CD-Rs are more scratch resistant, and thus more expensive. In other words, if you want the most durable CD storage for your money, go with the black ones.

    Can anyone verify/dispell this claim?

  11. more scratch resistant? nothing against you, but I think that is probably b.s. With cds a bunch of little scratches don't hurt anything, but any deeper or longer scratch that can screw up the beyond what the error correction data can fix is what you have to look out for. maybe they mean the black dye will last longer than the other dye. they are supposedly read slower than other cdr also:

    the media I recommended above is bad for 24x burning right now. that might change later. it is great for up to 16x burning. I talk to Ian about it here:
  12. I was under the impression that the black color was due to a different material being used for the covering, thus lending it more strength and scratch-resistance.

    And I have seen PLENTY of CDs go bad from millions of wispy little shallow surface scratches. So, not only deep gouges can degrade a CD. I guess it's a moot point tho, since those surface scratches can be buffed off with one of those DataDoctor CD Resurfacers.
  13. it may be a different plastic layer on bottom. I'm not sure. I haven't had any cds go bad from the shallow surface scratches, but I must say, I would clean them with the cd cleaner stuff if some small file couldn't be read and then they'd work.

    here's a new one for ya: PURPLE CDR!
  14. I'm thinking it is a different material on the covering. I think the scratch-resistance and strength would depend on the maufacture and not the color. so does anybody know if these funky colored cdrs are colored that way because of the organic dye layer or the plastic bottom?
  15. The dye. But who cares, they look cool.

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  16. yay! Just got my Black CD-R's. They look so cool, they burn fine (slightly faster I find). I'm gonna enjoy these.

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  17. Have fun Flamethrower205
  18. they have a 50 pack for like 30 bucks at CompUSA. rush the stores...
    If you don't have probs with your current CD-R's, no reason to waste money on [-peep-] that probably isn't as universal.
    Plus has anyone heard that the [-peep-] 74 minute is out of style. Ain't no retailers in this area sell em anymore...this totally [-peep-] up my rotation. chill-
  19. I don't care, I still like these black CD-R's over my regular ones.

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