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Hi im new heer and i was wondering what would be the best for gaming and bacicly the best of the friends recomend me but i was wondering if is a better choice and No $$ is not an issue

currently i have no MB planed caus i havent decided yet but im going to have

gtx690 ASUS
2400 corsair vengence 16g
750w psu corsair
1t hdd 7200 rpm
100h Water cooler corsair

this build is mainly for gaming and side tasks but i want to build somthing that is near the best money can buy without spending like 10k
any help would be a great help

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  1. You don't need a Core i7. Just buy a Core i5 3570K, much better. As for everything else, it looks GREAT, just make sure you buy a good hard drive, and that your SSD is from a good manufacturer, like Samsung. Also, you don't really NEED a water cooler unless you're gonna be doing hardcore overclocking. Invest in like, a Hyper 212 EVO, it's 30$ and it performs pretty damn well.
  2. lol i was planing on doing some overclocking if i got the amd processer i was going to shoot for 5ghz but with the other one i was thinking 4.1-4.5 and honestly i have 4000$ i can put into this strictly for this so ye..... if money was any concern i would go with the i5
  3. I recommend the Core i5 3570K, you won't see any performance increase with that one over the Core i5, and you can get 4.4GHz on it nicely with the Hyper 212 EVO.
  4. There are very few games that can use more than 4 cores. If you're planning on playing Battle Field 3 multiplayer maps the either of those processors are good, but the 3930k is much better. Other games that can use the additional cores are Metro 2033, Bad Company 2, and crysis 2 also seems to hit all my cores but not hard.

    Apps can also use all the cores like video encoding but they typically get a bigger boost with GPU processing (400+ cores).
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    He wants the i7, just let it be, hes buying a 690....... no issue there??? not saying there is but really? save $100 on a cpu or spend 1k on a gpu? lol

    If u got 4k to spend i mean the $600 6 core i7 on lga 2011 is a good way to go and a msi big bang as it has a mini gun as a heatsink
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  7. does that mean u got the big bang and 3930k? lol
  8. Why not. Its very close to my next build. I'm just waiting for the next gen Nvidia cards to roll out. If I can wait that long.
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