Computer doesn't recognize the new hard disc

Hi everyone!
I'm new at here.
First of all excuse my english i'm spanish and i don't speak it very well...

So, i have a big issue. I kind of force a friend to buy a new SATA3 hard disc for his old computer cause he didn't have almost memory (like 30 gb) and I told him I'd be able to install it easily.
The thing is, I was at his house today and tryied to connect the hard disc. I found the port on the motherboard (even do it says sata1 and sata2 does that mean it can't run sata3 or it's just a numeration?). Anyways... the computer works perfectly but it doesn't recognize the new hard disc. And when it begins the screen says something like "bios is not installed" and "hardware device failure".

What could this error be?
Maybe I have to update the motherboard's BIOS? Could there be any other reason? I've read on the internet and found something about the motherboard (it's an old abit v17) can't be able to run too big discs (its 1000 gb). Should i partition it with some program?

I really don't have an idea and feel like an ass for forcing my friend to buy it, I really thought it would just be plug in and finish. I will never do the same again y can tell...

I will be greatefull for any help,
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  1. V17 ir VI7 ?
    the difference is a one or an eye if you didnt notice.
  2. I'm afraid I can't tell the difference now... i think it was V17... i won't have any access to the computer until I go my friends house to try to fix it again
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