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so i have amd phenom II 975 3.6 ghz and a motherboard asus v formula, ddr 3 max 1600mhz. whats best. higher cpu ratio (current 18.0) or higher cpu bus (current 200mhz) to clock my cpu up.
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  1. Upping the CPU ratio has a lesser effect on temperature (I think). If possible, I would do both but in moderation. Bump the cpu ratio up to 21 and the bus up to 266.
  2. thx, i will see if it is possible.
  3. i did go cpu ratio 18 and bus 233, (4,2 ghz) dint work to well. and then i went cpu ratio 20 with 210 bus and its stable. (4.2 ghz) so increasing the bus is better then cpu ratio but more instable i think.
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