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I'm putting together an inexpensive work build, I do desktop support remotely from home. I'm going to be pairing the G550 with an ASRock H61M-DGS with 8gb ram (seems silly with such low powered cpu but it was cheap). I'm planning on running two monitors which both cpu and motherboard support separately and together. I'm just curious if the cpu will be more than enough for simple day to day tasks, desktop support program, skype and a couple Chrome windows.
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  1. Yes the Intel® Celeron G550 should be able to handle those applications without a problem. While this is a lower performance end processor it should still be enough to handle the applications that you list since they are not processor instensive or require a lot of graphic performance.
  2. Thanks that should be all I need to know! A dedicated work machine is going to be great, I get sidetracked easily, heh. Thank you.
  3. the pentium g's are only a few dollars more, and well worth it in my opinion
  4. I'll check them out.
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