PossibleWater Damage to CPU

I recently spilled water on my closed laptop so thankfully it was not exposed to much water. After trying to turn it on a couple of times and it turning off seconds upon booting (I know I shouldn't have) I opened it up and let it dry out. After about 2 days it finally turned on and it seems to be working fine.

It has not shut off on my at all and I have even gamed fine. I did however notice that my windows experience index dropped from a 7.6 to a 6.5 which worried me a little bit. The task manager shows activity in all of the cores but i'm still worried there could be some damage to it.

What do you all think? Is it damaged? How should I check?


Also this is the computer I have:
Samsung Series 7 Chronos NP700Z5C-SO1US
Upgraded to a 256gb Samsung 830 and to 12gb ram
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  1. Do I think that the processor is damaged? No, if the processor was damaged from water you most likely wouldnt even be able to put up due to the short that the water had caused. Also Windows Experience index is not a good judge of your systems performance due to the fact that it is a set performance index. The WE index is just based off all of the information that is reported to them (i.e. so the index score today maybe lower tomorrow after a new processor has been released.
  2. Hi :)

    I have seen water damaged (and beer) laptops in my laptop repair company, and take my word your CPU is NOT liquid damaged...it wouldn't even start if it was...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Just make sure your laptop is plugged in when you run the WEI. It will report a lower score if you run the test while it is on battery. Also make sure power settings are set to high performance to get the most accurate results but don't leave it in this state for it will chew up your battery and create unnecessary heat.

    If your computer is on and not crashing, it shouldn't be suffering from any sort of water damage.
  4. Awesome! Thank you for all of the replies!
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