Blue screen of death (twice)


The blue screen of death error has occurred twice on my computer in a time frame of 3-4 months .

My questions are ,

1. why has it occurred? (information on how to access the dump files to understand why it happened)
2. should you expect it to occur once in a while on a home built system?
3. I had AVG open when it first happened and I was playing guild wars 2 on the second - apparently guild wars 2 has some problems with AVG so is it possible that AVG caused the bsod on both occasions?
4. I saw something about "drivers" when the bsod flashed up but the screen disappeared so quickly I didn't have time to read the message - what does this mean ? ( I haven't installed any new drivers on to my pc since I initially built it which was about 3/4 of a year ago)

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  1. 4. Go to Start and right click on "My Computer/Advanced/Settings and under "System Failure" uncheck the "Restart" box. This should keep the system from rebooting before you can read the error message.

    I would run diagnostics on the memory as faulty memory can cause all sorts of errors. Download and run Memtest86 from here:

    You can shut down AVG and see if Guild Wars runs okay.

    It should not happen once in a while on any system if there isn't a problem.
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