Can't choose between PCs

I'm buying my first gaming computer and can't decide between the two.
They are almost the same, the difference is -

the first one's got Intel Core i5 3450, 3100 MHz Ivy Bridge processor and ATI Radeon HD7770 DDR5 1GB DX11 graphic card.

the second one - Intel Core i5 2320 3.0GHz Sandy Bridge processor and nVidia GeForce GTX560 1GB GDDR5 DX11 graphic card.

So the dilemma is: the one with the better CPU or the one with the better GPU? I plan on playing games like Skyrim and such, and I don't care about overclocking.
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  1. If it's for gaming, get the one with the better GPU. Both of those processors are good, so the more you can put into the video card, the better.
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