2nd Monitor "seems to be screwing thing up"

So like the title says. I got a second monitor "Asus VW246H" and ever since I switched to the new dual Asus VW246H monitors from my old temp dual setup with a hp17" and just one Asus VW246H. Seems like I get more firefox crashes while trying to watch youtube etc. and it takes forever for the sound properties to load from when you right the speaker (task-bar) and change the inputs from my g35 to monitor speakers. Sometimes it won't even load. Yeah its strange. Any idea's?? please help

New system was just built so the drivers- OS updates-bios- are all up to date.
2600k stock.
Asus Maximus IV extreme-z
16gb gskill 1600
crucial m4 128 raid-o for OS
3 1.5TB WD blacks Storage/Games
500gb WD Blue Old Storage. :pfff:
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  1. OK so I switched the one cable from HDMI to DVI. And now both monitors are Connected -Via- DVI.. Also I have Alil More Info the Gpu's are Gtx580's in sli. And I am using the onboard Motherboard sound to number one monitor via the "little green jack" sorry don't know what it is called. :-)

    The sound properties are loading now. Just way to slower then before.
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