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Hey i bough the because im build a gaming pc and i got 2 free fans so i want to put one on the side panel but lets say when i connect it to the mother board how will i be able to open and close the side panel if the fan wire will be in the way and i can just brake the wire? So please tell me how this works or i will have to open it very slowly and then disconnect from the M/B ?
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  1. Me personally I would run a long extension cable to the side fans just so I had room to open the case and disconnect the fan if I were to connect it to the motherbd but most side fans get connected to the PSU so there's already some room to do that.
  2. Just disconnect it.
  3. Hey again if my psu only has 4 power cables for the fan and i want to use 5 fans how will i have to do that is there like an extension cable? because on the fan there are two entries one at the top and one at the bottom so i plug the fan at the top and i can plug the other one at the bottom or the bottm is for the motherborad?
  4. Sorry for double post but thats the bottom right one :D

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