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my laptop is randomly shutting down. Its not overheating because i have a special cooling pad and its kept in a cool room . The drivers are from manufacturer website and are compatible and up to date . I cant do a system restore because i dont have any restore points created and a clean reinstall is out of the question because i have over 200 gb of personal data. Samsung R522 (Core Duo @ 2.0ghz ,2gb ram ,Ati Radeon 4330 HD , 250gb seagate hdd OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x86 )
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  1. Hi :)

    Ok a question for you....

    After it has shut down , does it last a LESSER time the next time it boots ??

    If it does...it IS overheating...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. hello brett ,

    the boot up time after shutdown is normal , usually its pretty fast . I am 100 % sure it not overheating because the cooling pad has six 80mm fans and the r522 has a reputation of having a very good cooling system . I also tested it for overheating by running Crysis 2 at full settings and it overheated to the point where the keypad got almost unusable because of the heat and it just restarted after 3 hrs of usage . It did not shutdown .
  3. Did you ever resolve this? I'm having same problem?
  4. I have a very similar problem with a similar notebook r522 only with atı HD4650 graphics card. I used my notebook pretty bad(overheating, dust etc.). Now notebook shuts down randomly and sometimes it cannot even reach booting when I try to restart it . I suspect that there is a problem with motherboard.
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