3 short beeps followed by 3 more short beeps

Just recently my media computer stopped working.. it was turned on and everything was running but when I went to wake the computer up, nothing showed on the tv and the HD activity indicator was not blinking. So i tried resetting the computer but before it could boot up, the computer beeped 3 times followed by a short pause then 3 more beeps and then just sat there and did nothing. Fans kept spinning, power led was still lit but no HD activity and no video output.

I tried changing out all the memory, but problem persists. I then noticed the heatsink for the cpu was loose. I have called intel and biostar customer support but they weren't very helpful other than just telling me to send the product in for RMA. I am trying to figure out if my motherboard is messed up or if the cpu is burnt out before i start paying shipping charges to send things off for RMA.

Biostar B75MU3+
Intel Celeron G530
G. Skill 1333 MHZ 2x2GB
MSI Radeon 6570
300W Power supply
Crucial M4 SSD 64GB Boot
Western Digital 2TB Green 7200rpm Storage
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  1. Consult the appendix of your biostar manual to determine what that error code sound refers to. All mobo manuals have an error code listing.
  2. I checked the manual.. nothing related to 3 short beeps followed by another 3 short beeps. The closest is simply 3 short beeps but that refers to memory problem which i have already ruled out.
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    Sorry can't help you out then. I think the best thing to do is to join Biostar's forum (if they have one) because at least you will be more likely to get responses from people who are familiar with Biostar's mobos and get help to decipher what kind of error code you are getting.

    Good luck.
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