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GTX 560 Ti - Distinctions?

So, after a little more investigating I found out that there is a Twin Frozr III and II for the GTX 560 Ti.
Here are the two products I'm looking at:
The Twin Frozr II
The Twin Frozr III

Now the price difference means little to me, but what does matter to me is what the physical differences are between the two cards. From what I can see, the clock speeds are different (the twin frozr III falling slightly behind in some cases) and strangely not having a shader clock listed at all(?). It also has more CUDA cores as well on the twin frozr III, and a slightly larger design (which my case and MB can accommodate).
I play and record a lot of different games, such as BF3, Skyrim, Vindictus, D3, WoW, and so on.
Other specs: Core i5 CPU 650 @3.2 - 16GB DDR3 RAM

Anyhow, if anyone could enlighten me on what the differences between these two models are, as well as which one would be a better choice, I would greatly appreciate it.
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    MSI N560GTX-Ti 448 Twin Frozr III PE/OC
    CUDA Cores 448

    much better
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    nJust ordered it! Thanks.
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