Is it worth upgrading?


here is my current PC:-

I just got a new SSD and after installing have realized the motherboard only supports upto SATA 2. So I'm thinking of getting a new motherboard. I have around £500.00 burning a whole in my pocket and want to know where I will see the most benefit.

I want:-

1) Fast boot time

2) Fastest Quickpar (PAR2) performance.

3) Fastest Unzipping performance.

4) Amazing ARMA II performance (with max settings and huge view distance). Also many other games too.

5) Good speed of moving large files (10-30Gb) between drives.

6) Potential to be able to upgrade to a CPU that can (overclocked on air) get to 4.8Gb. (Will I be able to use my existing CPU on a newer motherboard?)

I'm happy to keep the 4 internal HDD drives and 1 SSD, but will buy another 256Gb SSD in a few months I think. I don't think I need more then the 6Gb of RAMI have because I never see more then 3-4Gb get used for anything. (I don't do music compiling or use Photoshop etc)

What I think I need is a graphics card with more on board memory to fill with more textures. Also another SSD so I can unzip from one straight onto the other?

Would a quicker CPU make much difference?
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  1. Also I will be adding large HDD's as time goes by.
  2. Your problem is that existing cpu is Socket 1366, so only the old X58 motherboards will fit. To upgrade to current crop of mobos, you will also need to change CPU. If you want to be able to OC to 4.8GHz, on air, Ivybridge probably wouldn't be suitable. Temperatures start to get an issue, past 4.5GHz, on air. Best choices are, probably, i5-2500K, i7-2600K, or i7-2700K, matched with a Z68 motherboard.
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