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I want to try my luck at building a computer. Can someone recommend a good full tower computer case I should use. I want to use an Intel Pentium 4 2Ghz with an Intel 850 chipset, socket 478 motherboard. I'm thinking about using an Intel motherboard or an ASU motherboard if ASU ever produces an 850 chipset, socket 478 motherboard. I'm new at this, so any help on what full tower computer case I should buy for this configuration would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Miles
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  1. The main advantage of Intel mobos is stablilty. They are VERY stable. Disadvantages are: performance, and lack of overclocking options. It's your choice. First off, you're gonna need a P4 power supply. If you've got cash, go with the Lian-Li PC70. Aluminum. Look also at the Antec 1040B, which is quite large, and black. Good Luck.

    P.S. Why waste your money on a P4???

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  2. I have a Lian-Li PC60. It is an great case.
  3. If you are still shopping around for a full tower case, here is one you may be interested in <A HREF="" target="_new">Antec SX-1240</A> for either P4 or Athlons

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  4. Thanks, Red. Why not a P4? What would you suggest instead?
  5. I would suggest an Athlon system. For similar performance, P4 system cost a lot more than an Athlon system.
  6. Intel systems = More stability, easier to build
    AMD systems = More bang for the buck

    I've owned both. Right now I have 3 AMD and 1 Intel setups.

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  7. That's right, but I just don't believe the stability issues. I haven't had a single problem that couldn't have been attributed to my OCing or Windows 9x. Athlon systems produce more heat, and so need louder fan to cool them. But Athlon systems can beat equivalent P4 systems by several hundred dollars, and as Matisaro says "The cash left in my pocket....The best benchmark".

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  8. i think the Athlon system is pretty stable too. I use my Athlon system for a few month now, it runs very stable.
  9. how quiet is it? im about to buy a pc70 with enermax 550 watt supply... are the standard fans quiet?

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  10. The PSU isn't what causes the noise...It's your hsf that will be rackin' up the decibels.

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  11. If the Antec SX-1040 is big enough for you I would go for that. There is a larger case from antec though if you really want a monster tower. Check their site for performance cases.

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  12. The stock fans that come with the Lian-Li cases are of average loudness. The beauty is, there is a 3-way switch built into the case that allows you to turn them up or down depending on your needs. It gets real quite when you set them to "low". The Enermax PSU will certainly be less noisy than most as well.

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