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I am having some trouble with a new build and was wondering a few things...I purchased an ASUS Sabertooth Z77 along with an i7 3770K and some Corsair Ram as well as an Antec Elevenhundred (case). I installed everything into the case along with my older PSU (Antec 850Watt), my SDD and my HDD as well as my GPUs (2x GTX 460). I powered it on and nothing happened...turned out the case was defective (the power switch wiring was all wrong and the only way I could get it to start was by plugging in the Reset SW line in where it was supposed to be the Power SW). When it started up, I got to the point where Windows begins to lead, after a second or two it freezes, blue screens for half a second then restarts. I know the SDD is still fine (I plugged my old stuff back in and it works fine). My question is...did I miss something? Was I supposed to do something before plugging everything in? Any feedback would be appreciated...

Pulling my hair out,
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  1. Use only one drive at a time. Decide which drive is your boot device; unplug the other one, power up, and let windows install the second drive after windows loads. When you connect the sata cable and power supply leads, windows will detect it and set it up as a secondary device. The case wiring isn't defective; you may need to reposition it with just the wired holes over the board pins, leaving some outside the pin cluster if the case connector is a one piece design. Works for me. You may also need a fresh installation of windows. It will crash or give you errors with a board change if you don't format.
  2. Thanks for the info, will try as soon as i get a chance
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