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I3-3220 + GTX 660 Ti bottleneck?

Hello, im planning on building a custom mid-range gaming PC and i somehow managed to fit a GTX 660 Ti in the budget. my concern is if the i3-3220 would bottleneck the 660ti to where I'm getting much less performance than i "paid" for. i want to play games like Borderlands 2, Crysis, Planetside 2, etc on whichever setting have best -Performance/Visual Quality- ratio. some time after i make this computer, i want to add an i5 but not soon. so am i not getting a huge bottleneck with the i3 and 660ti or should go for the 660(non-ti) or should i go down to the 650ti. thanks for your feed back :hello:
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  1. you will be fine
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    You will be all fine, I have run my rig with my brothers 7970 and it was fine and I am also running a i3 3220 and surprisingly these 3rd gen i3's have very good architecture so they do a very good job for gaming especially for there price.
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