Crossfire 6770's or upgrade to 6850?


BUDGET RANGE: Looking at around $150


CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: XFX Radeon HD 6770 on an Antec BP550 Plus 550W psu

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: This was a budget build :)
Mobo------Asus M5A97
Memory---2 x 4GB Gskill @ 1066
Cpu--------AMD FX 4100 oc @ 4.1 Ghz
Psu--------Stated above, Antec BP 550 Plus 550W psu

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: newegg or similar site



Crossfire: Maybe


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: First off I know that my motherboard supports crossfire, the only thing is, the slots run at 16x and 4x and I know that isn't ideal for a crossfire setup. Secondly I am a little worried that my 550W psu wont hold up to a 6770 crossfire. So basicly I am trying to decide whether to buy a second 6770 for crossfire or to just upgrade to a 6850. What do you guys think?

Thanks for helping me out!
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  1. Need your resolution/games/desired settings.

    neither is really enough of an upgrade that id consider it but they might be for you. Id sell the 6770 and go for a 6950 or 7850 but that may be overkill for you
  2. I guess what I really want to know is whether crossfire 6770's will run on my power supply and if my 16x/4x motherboard would limit the performance so much that it would just be better to buy a 6850/6870. Ideally I would like to buy another 6770 for crossfire as I have read that the performance is fairly good. Sorry if my original post was confusing, and thanks for you help :)
  3. The 4X slot will not massively hold back the second 6770 and the PSU should be fine making it a very good value upgrade compared to replacing the card. The only real bonus to the 6850/70 is you may get microstutter with the dual cards.
  4. In 4x the performance of the second card will drop greatly, your psu also in corncern......

    I'll have to opt for single 68XX....

    Edit: I once experience with x16/x4 5770cfx (when I fail to o.c.) , The performance is horrid if u compare with 16x/16x (or 16x/8x/8x mine now) as i recal 5770/6770 need min x8 to work properly..........
  5. The 4x slot will not drop performance on a low end card like a 6770 more than a few % and an good brand 550W PSU is fine for 2 x 6770 as they are fairly low power cards.
  6. Well I'm experience that my self the game was almost unplayable in 16x/4x, I don't know if it becaused of failed O.C. (I need to reseat the card to fix that) or it because the bandwith of second card being cut off...

    So now I'm Hardly recommend any dual 5770 setup at 4x..........
  7. See a much more powerful 5870 loses 5% FPS running in a 4X slot compared to a 16X slot

  8. Well I'm not going to argue about the benchmark, My performance lost maybe becaused of the O.C or because it was in cfx mode, so many variable there...

    People may take my experience as grain and salt...
    but my opinion stand, i will suggest go to single 68xx..
  9. There are reasons for both 2 x 5770s is better price & performance but does have some issues a 6850 is not a massive upgrade from a 5770 but will not have any of the crossfire problems. I don't think personally a 6850 is a big enough upgrade from a 5770 to be worth it and suggest if you don't go the crossfire route wait until you can afford a 560Ti, 6950 or better.
  10. Yup my 5770cfx is as powerfull (hoped) as 7850 so only visible upgrade is 7870++ (or simmilar on from nv)...

    I agree 6850 is not much of upgrade from 6770, and dual 6770 is very good route but i'm concern about his/her mobo 16x/4x

    Op, Is anyway u could sell your 6770 to increase your budget so u can afford better card? edit : (Like 7850 that hovers around $220 - $250)
  11. Thanks for your replies guys, so even at 16x/4x do you think cf 6770's would outperform a single 6850/5870? If not I will take your advice and save up for a better upgrade.
  12. Yes its more powerful than a 6850 by a good margin I think only slightly better or around the same as a 5870 though. I have not seen a 5870 for sale for a long time.
  13. Since 6770 is just rebadged 5770...

    u could go to HD 7850.... (it will perform simmilar or not better than 5770cfx)

    AMD being picky here they priced HD 7850 as same as the price of two 5770 (in the past)
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