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I was using my computer today, when all of a sudden, it turned off. Now I cannot turn it back on, and it doesn't seem to be getting any power (ie. nothing happens when I hit the power button or switch the power on in the back, either). Here are my system specifications:

Athlon Thunderbird 1.3 GHZ processor
ECS K7VZA Motherboard
256MB PC133 RAM
40 GB 7200 RPM Maxtor Harddrive
Soundblaster live platinum 5.1 soundcard
ATI Radeon 64MB videocard
12x DVD rom Drive
16x10x40x Yamaha Burner
100MB Internal Zip drive
Floppy drive
(I forget the maker of my Ethernet card)

I have this with a 300 watt power supply; is that not enough power for this system? Could this be the problem? I have been running it for 3 months now, and nothing like this has happened (it hasn't ever overheated, for example). Any suggestions or tips? I don't have a voltmeter to check the power, but if it is just that I don't have enough power and the power supply is broken, which kind of power supply is recommended for a system like mine? If it is not the power supply, maybe the motherboard is dead? Also, I have one heatsink and fan on the processor (a CoolerMaster, I belive), one fan on the videocard, and one with the case. Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. If you are useing a power stripe check the reset button, or if you are using power straight from the wall outlet (very risky) check the circuit breaker. This sounds like strickly like a AC power issue. If I'm wrong tell me if you have power at all? Is the green light ON on your M/B? Does the fans turn OO on your M/B? Post again with these specifics.

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  2. I have my computer connected to a surge protector for power (power strip, not directly in the wall). The green light turns on on my motherboard, but that is all. The fans don't turn, the hard drive doesn't start up, nothing. I'm going to see if I can get a power supply with more power, and see if that's the problem. Also, when I do switch the computer on (switch in the back), the num lock, caps lock, and scroll lock lights all turn on for less than a second, and my intellimouse also flashes on and off. I don't know if that's any help or not.
  3. It may just be your power supply. Let me know what happens.

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  4. The computer does not turn any lights on (other than what I listed above), and nothing happens when I switch it on. The fans don't start up, the harddrive doesn't start spinning, and the computer doesn't even beep. It just sits there. I think that it is just a problem with the power supply. I am going to pick one up tomorrow, and see if it works. Any suggestions for a good power supply for my system? Thanks for the help so far.
  5. I would get a one of those Enermax ones with 400 or more watts. The problem definately seems to be with your PSU, by the way.

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  6. Thank you to everyone that helped. I got a new Enermax power supply, and everything is working fine. Thanks again!
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