Just bought a new Desktop an would like some decideding what's worth keeping and


I just bought this


I was wondering if I got a good deal I ordered it for 1,200 with payments split up over 6/months.

Also would like to know If there are any specs I should/could replace with better ones or if most of it's bad should I just buy a new case and transport what worth over to it.

Any advice would be helpful thanks. :)
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  1. dude you get ripped off. the graphics card is ancient and is terrible. are you a gamer?? Please tell me what this is for. Games? Movies? Internet?
  2. I'ma little bit of everything really, I game but nothing to extreme. An besides the ancient graphics card or the motherboard and RAM ok? Haha Your comment is making regret my buy xD
  3. wait i just noticed the gpu was intergrated. thats even worse. the mobo is ok. noting fancy. but the ram is very good. first look in the computer. see if you have a pci-e 16x slot. it's easy to find it. look on google images. if you find one. measure how much space you have in the tower. then find a good gpu. a good one is like an amd hd 7770. but first check the watts on your psu. buy the 7770. put it in the tower. it will work fine after that.
  4. Alright thanks for the tips much appreciated!
  5. For 1200 it's quite bad.
  6. why anyone would buy anything from gvc is beyond me.
  7. Terrible i could make something like that for $800
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