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i cant find a mechanical keyboard that i like, my price range is 150 bucks or less, it has to have white backlit keys, i would like it to have the mx brown key switches and to have a USB hub that I could use my mouse and headset on.
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  1. If you have to have white back-lights and mx browns then this is pretty much your only choice:

    But honestly, I would go for the razer blackwidow ultimate. Its amazing in both the 2013 flavor, which has green leds, or the normal version with blue ones (The leds can be turned off by holding the FN key and pressing F12 on both, or you could get the standard blackwidow which is identical except for it's lack of LED's) I'm actually typing this on one.

    I have had a few mechanical keyboards, and nothing has come close to the blackwidow for quality and feel.
    (Click sellers and there is a fulfilled by amazon seller right at the top)

    I'm also hesitant to buy Logitech after both hearing about and unfortunately experiencing the nightmare that is their customer service department.
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