Phenom II X4 965 BE vs. FX-8320?


I am currently in the process of building my PC and was wondering if spending the extra money on the FX-8320 is worth it. I was also thinking if about buying the Phenom with a 990fx motherboard and switch the Phenom out for an FX-8320 after two years or so. The CPU will be paired with an XFX HD6870. I will be playing games like League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, GTA4, Guild Wars 2, and Planetside 2. I will greatly appreciate it if anyone can help me.
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  1. yes the 8320 is worth the extra $$
  2. Do you think the FX-6300 would be better than the phenom, or should i just go for the FX-8320?
  3. i would get it in this order. 8350/20 > 6300 > 965
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