GTX 680 DVI-D port won't detect anything

Hi all

I've just bought an ASUS GTX 680 graphics card and I've been messing around with different monitor setups with it. But for some reason I cannot get the dvi-d port to detect any kind of input. I've tried with a dvi-d cable from my main lcd monitor, a vga to dvi adapter and also with an hdmi to dvi adapter (from my tv, just to see if I could get any kind of connection)

But so far I have been completely unable to get it to accept any kind of signal/monitor/screen.
The regular Dvi-I runs my regular LCD monitor perfectly although it's running through the very same dvi-d cable I've tested the other port with. And my tv runs via the hdmi port without any issues aswell if/when I plug that in.

Am I missing some sort of setting or what am I doing wrong?

Cheers! :)
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  1. Still completely stuck with this issue, got no ideas left as to how I get my second monitor that only has vga to display at the same time as my lcd one.

    They both work perfectly fine on their own in the DVI-I port/socket but as mentioned all my monitors and tvs will not show anything via the DVI-D.

  2. Both the cables and the ports can be flaky. It sounds like the port is the obvious culprit here. I recently had to RMA an ASUS 7970 because one of the dvi ports didn't work. If you want to spend a few dollars and potentially avoid an RMA, buy a new DVI cable and try it. Its not a bad idea to have a spare around as in my experience they go bad.
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