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Need a hardcore setup for work

Last response: in Systems
September 1, 2012 10:53:18 PM

Hello All,

I have been blessed with a new job (teir 1 storage systems analyst started about month and a half ago), and I will be working from home ~80% of the time. So obviously I am going to build a system to my needs (and wants! :kaola: )

The job entails a lot.... A LOT.... of spreadsheets, email (Did I mention a ton of email), and a lot of remoting into dozens of company intranets. I will be in On command insight, hiCommand, brocade network advisor, etc... pretty much all at the same time. and that is just the start!

The second thing I needed to mention is that I will be also attending university. The classes entail Photoshop cs5 basics, networking, storage systems, and etc......

So here is the deal:

1.) Multiple monitors is a must (starting with 3, which I will add more as needed) (mostly for work). I have been looking at these....

2.) eyefinity... I need a graphics card that I can add monitors as time goes on (and to support the 3 I will start with).

3.) Speed... I must have a kicking machine.. pretty much hate slow computers I have been eyeballing the fx-8150 and 8120.

4.) budget... budget hovers around 1600-1700 $. I Do not need a "hardcore" gamer system, but see point 5

5.) games... I want a system that will not melt If I buy crysis 3 ( If you read the article you know what I mean). Also If halo 4 comes to pc I might want to play it. and I want to play real time strategy games at the high - ultra settings.

6.) age... This system must last more than 4 years before replacement/major upgrade.

Now I really do like the prices of AMD equipment even though I have always been an intel fan.

And as far as hard drives go... I really don't want to pay the price for SSD's as they are ridiculously expensive. But the boot speed, and the other benefits of ssds are quite nice!


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September 1, 2012 11:03:16 PM

depending on how much photoshop you do, the i5 3570k or the i7 3770k should suit your needs

crysis 3 will crush our rigs either way. cant prevent that
September 1, 2012 11:03:47 PM

in my build i am assuming you will overclock in the future and do SLI
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September 1, 2012 11:18:09 PM

TheBigTroll said:
in my build i am assuming you will overclock in the future and do SLI

He needs Eyefinity. Switch it out for a 7970.
September 2, 2012 12:07:10 AM

Thank you all,

I will say that expanding past 4 monitors is quite a real possibility. I am not really a gaming guy, more of a work type. But if I do buy the latest and greatest... having the power and graphics couldn't' hurt. Besides, I think that it would benifit my normal business crunch.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I was interested in overclocking (never done that before). But not interested in those insane speeds (That your hardcore gamers feel the need for)

September 2, 2012 12:14:18 AM

well then you might want to get the 7970 i listed

the system can overclock but it wont do extreme (anything beyond 4.5ghz)
September 2, 2012 12:44:24 AM

the 7970 is suitable for you if you need to run more than 3 monitors. thats all