No output signal from gpu to monitor

Hi guys,

I recently just built my new desktop with the following specs

MSI DDR3 1600 Intel LGA 1155 Motherboards (Z77A-G43)
HIS 7850 IceQ H785QN2G2M
Intel Core i5 3570K
(if you want the rest i can give but i think these are the important ones)

So I've tried both HDMI and VGA cables when connected to the GPU and both won't give a signal...but they will from the integrated graphics from the CPU, any ideas/fixes would be great because i'm a little lost, thanks
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  1. Size/model of PSU?
    Did you connect power from the PSU to the card?
  2. 750W and yea its a 6-pin connector and i have it in
  3. If that is connected and the card in correct slot it is most likely that you got a bad card. If you can try it in another computer then we would know for sure.
  4. could it be the drivers, because when I use the AMD driver can't seem to find it either
  5. I'm just hesitant to say it's DOA i wanna make sure
  6. Have the Monitor OCD (on screen display) set to the correct input ?

    Been there done that :)
  7. haha yea i do :) first thing i checked...device manager can't find it either =/
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    If the card works it will have a display before drivers are installed. If it does not work and you only have display from the onboard the computer will not detect it at all and therefore you can not install the drivers.
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