Fans running, Lights on but no display

I built my PC today. It turns on, but won't boot. The monitor just says "No Signal", but when I unplug the Cable from the GPU it says "No cable connected".
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  1. Anyone?
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    sounds either like a mobo issue, psu issue, or gpu isssue

    try the following

    1) Check all connections and that your cpu is getting power (ATX12v)

    2) Try a old graphics card from a old computer

    3) Reset C-mos

    4)check your PSU

    Hope this helps... sorry for the late reply :D
  3. but to answer your question in the other post it could... have you tried the your card in any other slots/busses? also it could be the ram try each stick in each bus/slot seperately so one at a time(4 start ups for each stick)
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