I'm having an issue with my 7850 msi Twin frozer power edition. Whenever I overclock the memory, it works fine for just the desktop, but when I start up a game, the screen turns a random colour with lines going through the middle
Overclocking just the core clock works fine.
This card comes with factory memory and core overclocks which are working fine.
I'm getting stable temps of 30-40 Celsius.
Also, if I didn't overclock the memory, and just the core, would I face any problems?
And, when I play a game, or use msi kombustor, even though my gpu is clocked at 1050, it only shows 950mhz.
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  1. The lines and colour issue is a clear sign the memory is not stable at that overclock. You can overclock the core without overclocking the RAM without issue.
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