I need a graphics card for diablo 3

i have a 350W power supply, looking for a graphics card that will support diablo 3 with mid to higher settings if possible, any information would be great everything else on my computer is alot higher then what diablo 3 recommends besides my graphics card radeon 3000.. which is build in to this computer

just got the computer
350W power supply
has 4gig ram
amd phanthom II x4 065 processor 3.4 ghz
64 bit operating system
has radeon 3000 graphics card currently
monitor 1440x900
looking for a card that will run off this power supply and can play diablo 3 with medium graphics and not be choppy or slow

would like to keep it under $150
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  1. Please fill this first so we could give you fast and adequate answers:

  2. 7750 if you want to spend that much or 6670 if you don't.
  3. would that work with my 350W power supply though? thats my main concern
  4. I suggest you get an HD 7770.
    I would do great.
    Also what's the brand of your PSU. Could you give me a link of the seller?
  5. ordered a 6670 today was on diablo 3's high performance list
  6. Remember a cheap 350W power supply is not capable of supplying 350W of power continuously and even a good one you don't want to risk being at 100% load. So please add 100W at least to whats on the chart posted by ct1615 when buying a power supply.
  7. i got the 6670 and it works flawlessly and is great with diablo 3
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