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So I haven't used an Nvidia card in quite a while because I had issues with updating the drivers on the last one I used... I know the Nvidia cards are good products, but have they fixed their driver issues yet? I'd like to use an EVGA GTX 560 for a gaming rig, but I would also like to avoid some of the driver issues I've encountered in the past.
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  1. I can't say that I've ever had problems with Nvidia's drivers and the only updating problem I've had in the last couple of years have been down to Windows needing to be updated before the driver was installed.
  2. Every component vendor has driver issues .... some more than others ..... historically, you will find it to be the majority general consensus that nVidia has far less than AMD but they still pop up.

    This is an unavoidable symptom of the "rush to market" mentality that permeates the industry as well as the simple, fact that a new game may require driver tweaks as well as game tweaks. Within a few weeks, these problems get resolved.....

    If getting a 560, Id strongly recommend getting one the non-reference versions. For $10, you get a lot more performance. EVGA only offers this in the "classified" versions; on all the others, the PCB is only equipped with a 4 phase VRM.

    The Gigabyte and Asus versions have 7 phases and are capable of hitting 30% overclocks.


  3. Ah, thank you both. I have seen the Gigabyte version, and now that I think of it, that would probably work just as efficiently.
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