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I have MiniLAptop Samsumg N150 Plus
- OS Windows 7 Starter 32 bit
- Intel Atom Cpu N455 1.66Ghz
- 2 GB of RAM

My problem is the CPU Performance is always crazy and most of the time it's " > 50% " whis no working programs
the most Image CPU working on the resource monitor are :

"Perform.exe" and "svchost.exe"

And when I used GoogleChrome it's coming 90 to 100%

If there any solution Plz tell me .... 10x
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  1. Use antivirus to scan c drive.there can be virus.your cpu is very weak that is why it is at 50+ usage.
  2. Go to task manager and right click the perform.exe and open file location and see from where it is operating.
  3. I have check my local disk C with no virus (thread) with Kaspersky
    and there is not a propereties named open file location in task manager
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