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I have a following problem. My computer was crashing and I detected that I have bad sectors on my HDD. Replaced HDD and installed windows 7. After install I was getting BSOD frequently. So I ran Prime95 test from Hiren's Boot CD which crassed after 10 minutes (completely froze or fatal error resulting sum was 3......). Then I checked motherboard for faulty capacitor and noticed that some caps near CPU were bluged. So I replaced them, but I am still getting Prime95 error.

I tried with other CPU (E21.. something) with my motherboard, which ran almost 16hours with no errors. Then I tried my CPU (E7... something) with completely new motherboard, and ran about 1 without Prime95 errors.

RAM tested with Memtest86 and 22 hours without errors.

So is it CPU or Motherboard?

I incline to think that my motherboard is still faulty after replaceing capacitors. Could it be that the other CPU which ran tests normaly required not so stabel Vcore voltages or something like that?
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  1. Should be the Mainboard.
  2. Before replacing anything do this: update all of your drivers including your bios, this has been the fix for things like this many times for me and my friends
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