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I recently purchased a Radeon HD 6450 for use with my Panasonic, TH-50PZ800U TV.

While the HDMI output detects the TV and works perfectly fine once the pc is booted, if I try to reboot, it immediately freezes the pc, skipping the initial BIOS page and displaying only a black, cmd prompt style screen with the blinking white cursor in the upper lefthand corner of the screen.

I have spent three weeks of back and forth with AMD's tech support telling me to uninstall/reinstall drivers, software, etc. None of their solutions are working.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this issue, please?

Thanks so much,
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  1. unplugg the cable from it back, re-plugg it correctly and tightly.
  2. Thanks for the response, xtreme5. That was the first thing I did when this problem occurred. Unfortunately it's not an issue of being plugged in correctly, tightly. The display works just fine with HDMI only and no VGA support after the pc is booted.

    However, when I try to reboot the computer there seems to be a problem with the detection, as if perhaps the resolution would be set incorrectly. I have tried multiple resolutions, but this does not fix it. As all resolutions work perfectly fine once booted and then plugged in, I do not believe it is a resolution problem.

    Any other ideas?

  3. well, sounds like driver related problem had you tried driver sweeper app.
  4. yes, I used driver cleaner pro and selected the ati ccc option prior to reinstalling the catalyst software. The AMD tech had me update all the system drivers (BIOS, board, etc) which included a realtek update (this actually caused my sound to go out as I believe it somehow conflicted with the audigy 2 card I have in there, but I rolled back the driver, and the sound is back, at least).

    I did call panasonic yesterday just to see if they had any insight. They seemed to believe it is a bug with the hardware since the output works just fine after the pc has booted. Does that sound like a valid statement or just a manufacturer response? The panasonic tech did say that he ran a (much more high end) AMD card with his TV and it works fine.

  5. Sorry, extreme5, I just realized that i should post the steps I have taken per AMD's instruction to this point.

    1) Uninstalled ATI display adaptor drivers in device manager
    2) Uninstalled Catalyst software
    3) Used driver cleaner pro running ati ccc option
    4) Updated Motherboard Chipset and BIOS from manufacture website
    5) Uninstalled all Microsoft Netframeworks and C++
    6) ReInstalled the Microsoft Netframeworks and Microsoft C++
    7) Installed and ran Belarc Advisor

    --- lost all sound

    8) Control panel and select sound, the playback tab, make sure the AMD HDMI output is checked green. Then select configure and select stereo.

    --- no sound still

    9) Repeated steps 1-3

    --- have sound but pc still freezes when rebooted with the HDMI plugged in

    per the Panasonic tech, the only solution as of now is to shutdown the pc, unplug the cable, turn it on and wait for the system to boot then plug the cable back in. Obviously, this isn't really an acceptable solution.

    Thank you!
  6. Is your card still under warranty.
  7. yup, still in the 30 day window. Send it back?
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    of course don't mess it.
  9. will do. Thanks for the help, xtreme5. Much appreciated.
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  11. glad i could help.
  12. dawet1,

    I recently acquired a R9 290 Tri-X OC from Sapphiretech and have the same problem in my Panasonic TV:

    The panasonic TV cant display the startup screens and bios text modes. When Windows video driver is loaded (catalyst), the R9 290 works like a charm.

    This not happens on my Sony HDTV, where startup and bios screens appears perfect.

    I am really inclined to think this is a Panasonic hardware bug, and i fear a replace in the card will not fix the problem.

    Have you replaced your card? The problem was fixed after card replacement? You replaced with another of the same model?

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