Computer shuts down during Bad company 2 update

Corsair TX 650 PSU, AMD Athlon II, 8gigs corsair vengence ram, ASUS M4A88TDV, Radeon 5770. I've ran Bad company 2 on this before only difference now is that I bought a Samsung 830 and am using it for OS and Apps. I already checked all my PSU cables, in fact I did them and redid it to make sure. Not sure why but when I do the patch update my computer keeps shutting down.

Edit: Computer is fine and perfectly stable with Diablo III running, and I downloaded and installed Bad company 2 through origin.
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  1. huh... do the shutdowns only happen when you are updating bf2?
  2. Yup
  3. it sounds like the stuff trying to be updated is not compatible with your computer... try updating manually so downloading the update in a torrent and then just dragging and droppigng
  4. I wish I got the email for a new reply sooner...anyway as I said in the OP I've played and ran Bad company 2 on this computer before, only difference is now instead of running it out of my 500gb WD black, I'm using a 256gb Samsung 830 SSD

    I just don't see how something isn't compatible.
  5. well try it on your hdd(unless you cant) also have you tried just completely redownloading bf2

    also sorry for the late reply I have highschool and well its not easy to do this and that :P
  6. No I haven't tried it on my old hard drive, I have downloaded it twice

    and its no problem...
  7. alright update when you try it on the hdd
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