Made Video : Gateway Laptop NV won't turn on, youtube video link of pr


Im fairly good with computers and im repairing this laptop for a customer, however Im not used to seeing this kind of a problem.

The laptop is a gateway nv series. That when you push the power button, nothing happens.

- Interesting though,
When the battery (which was reported as dying), is plugged into the back of the laptop, the front LeD red light is on and the ac power adapter plugged into machine/wall)

When no battery is in machine, there is no Red LeD on the front of the computer with the power ac in and plugged in wall.

I've made a video of the problem so you can see for yourself, and I hope to learn off this as I've not seen this issue before with any other laptop I've worked on.

AC connector is not noticably loose / All wall Ac's good, / AC adapter has green light when plugged to say it has power

Here is video.

Laptop has been hard reset / atx reset (thats no power ac/no battery, press button for 10 to 15 seconds, )
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    Have you dismantled the laptop to see if there is anything obviously wrong inside? If unlikely, maybe a RAM stick has dislodged or something, and that is preventing POST. Maybe even the CPU fan, as most computers wont boot if it cant find one, to prevent damage to the CPU.

    Do you have a replacement battery that is known to be good? Swapping that in will either fix the problem or at least tell you the existing battery isn't at fault.

    Other than that, no idea. If worst comes to worst and its unfixable, remove the HDD so you can give that to the customer, so at least they can pull any data they want off it.
  2. I was going to do all the reseating, but thought I'd ask away before doing that. Anyways, I did that and wierd enough, theres a green light on the machine now instead of red. Maybe I've had it plugged in long enough for a red light to turn green.

    Also maybe I will check dealextreme for some type of a battery thats universal.

    Have you heard of a universal battery? I have ordered a universal laptop ac about a week ago.

    But it's obviously not really worth it for me to order a battery for every laptop I encounter. I have 7 laptops here I've collected over time, most about a min pentium 4, various brands, and never of the batteries are interchangable. The voltages and amps are quite +3 / -3 voltages different, even the connectors have more slot/pins and the location of the connectors, varys computer to computer.

    Do I absolutely need a battery to see if it will boot up. Even my oldest laptop 11 years old, can boot with no battery only AC.
  3. I will admit I don't know much about laptops, mainly know about desktops. What I had written above is about the extent of my knowledge on troubleshooting dead laptops.

    Not sure if there is a universal battery, if anything just the different physical shape's of laptop batteries and the laptop itself will rule out such a thing.

    Sorry I cant be of more help.
  4. It's the power cable, the positive / negative wire comes loose from the power button. Im just not good at soldering it back.
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