Gtx 580

I am looking for a graphics card and I was offered a 580 for around 200 or less but anyone I ask or any posts I see people asking about these cards they are told to stay away from them. Is this because the are usually cost a lot or are they not a very good card. I have about 200 euro to buy a graphics card should i go for the 580 or buy a different card new for that price.
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  1. It's just that it's "last year's model"..... and the new ones are more powerful, run cooler and less power.....but that's why last year's sell for the prices that do. Last year, it was twice the price you are paying now.
  2. For $200, the GTX 580 is the ultimate video card.

    (I'm actually thinking you are getting confused with the GTX 480 in your comments about people telling you to stay away from them.)
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