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Hi guys, I am a guy on 16 years, I'm spending my whole summer vacation on earning up money, and those goes to my computer. I am building my own computer so i need to find the best parts that i can afford.
So the graphic card I am looking for is one that can support something like Battlefield 3, and so i can run it smoothly on very high resolution, (if possible the highest).
Also I am using my computer for 3D and desktop programs as well, mostly Autodesk's Maya and Adobe After Effects.

Is there anyone who knows a graphic card that can do that within a price range of 400 dollars?
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  1. Yes....this one....tho I went $30 over ya budget.

    Asus GTX 670 TOP is a highly modified non-reference card, which exceed at all levels .... performance, cooling, low noise. Performance tops the reference GTX 680 as well as the 7970 Ghz. Read the reviews.

    Gotta be fast to get soon as they become available, they sell right out.
  2. +1 for the 670. Personally I would go for the Gigabyte version.
  3. I found out it cost like 680 dollars in Denmark.
    But does this do the job too? ASUS GeForce GTX 560Ti 2GB PhysX CUDA
  4. The GTX 670 does not cost 680 dollars in Denmark.

    Take a look at this site-

    Personally I would go for one of the ASUS cards or the Gigabyte one.
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