Can my pc handle

would my pc handle 1080p tv screen and would my pc be ok for gaming on 1080p tv

x4 955be
hd6950 1gb
and i play these games gta 4,gta sa,simcity4 ,bf3,metro 2033,css,cs-go,sleepingdogs and gta 5
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  1. Yes it will handle 1080p gaming for sure.
  2. It should run fine on those games, my 5770 runs all of them fine except for bf3.
  3. yes it will be able to handle all this though i am not sure about the gta-5
  4. ok thanks so if i overclock my cpu to 3.8ghz will that help
  5. If you can keep temps good and low, overclocking can always help
  6. my temps are 38-53c idle and load
  7. your good then, just watch those temps and maybe invest in a cpu cooler or even upgrade cpu's
  8. My next build will feature a AMD FX-8350 normally 4.0Ghz OC'd to 5.0
  9. i have a h60 and i was going to get a fx 4300 but people no dont get it keep ur cpu
  10. live in australia and i will need a new motherboard
  11. nah i keeping my system
  12. alright then like i said overclock and watch temps
  13. yea i know
  14. You system is good.i donot think you need upgrade
  15. yea i dont want to upgrade yet
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