Cannot enable CrossfireX for 2 HD 6870, help!

Hello, I have 2 HD 6870 and trying to crossfire, they are both by XFX and same model, both working(fan's spinning) and cf bridge is on.
When I go to Catalyst Control Center, and try to enable Crossfire, everytime I click on "Enable" and Apply, it jumps back to "Disable", and in GPU-Z, it shows both are working, 1 is on PCI-E 16x, 1 is PCI-E 2x, is this the problem? how do I fix this? thanks!

cpu: 2500k, 4gb ram
mobo:Asus P8Z68 LE

thanks again!
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  1. here are some screen shots:

    GPU-Z, 1st gpu:

    GPU-Z, 2nd gpu:

    before "apply":

    after "apply":
  2. Have you installed the cap profiles?

    Crossfire Application Profiles are needed for crossfire.
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