CPU Running at full load: i5 3570k

Ok, I am ripping DVDs and it runs at 100% speed most of the time bouncing back from 67 and 97% and the temperature at 100% is 69C. Is this safe? What can I do if not? :sweat:

Normal load: 45C for cpu and 35c for mobo(this is coz i installed another fan above the cabinet).
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  1. That temp is safe for the 3570K, the critical temp on these chips is 105C. If you are worried about it you can get an aftermarket cooler (if you don't already have one) i suggest the XigmaTek Gaia I find it a great value.
  2. I can also recommend a Cooler Maste 212 Evo for a good, cheap heatsink. its about $30.
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