CPU Running at full load: i5 3570k

Ok, When it runs at full load it has a 70C temperature. I am ripping DVDs and I dont' have a discrete graphic card. Is the full load bcoz of integrated graphics. I could hear the CPU fan running! And is 70c normal.

Idle/Normal condition :
CPu = 39c

Can I do something to reduce the CPU temp*like change the stock fan??
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  1. Wow, 70C, how cool do you want it to run?
  2. 70 C is cooL???
  3. 70c at load is normal.you donot have to worry anything.your cooler is fine.
  4. 70C is garbage though. Throw your cooler out & buy a Hyper 212 Plus, and fix the airflow of you case, that'll change things.
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