Need Help on how to upgrade graphics card!

Hi I have a Pavilion p7-1054 and i really want to be able to play games on it so i need to upgrade the graphics card but i am lost on how/what to do because i have integrated graphics please help!
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  1. Just search "how to install a graphics card" on youtube, that's going to be more useful than reading about how to do it.
  2. The other thing is to tell us how many Watts your Power Supply is, and how many Amps on the +12V, it is right on the label of the Power Supply.

    How much is your budget?

    What games do you want to play and at what resolution?

    What country, since video cards are more expensive outside the US?
  3. To get a good graphic card for that rig your PSU from 250w will come short of a nice GPU plus like said above how much can you afford? It really doesn't matter what your resolution is.

    Unless you are going for broke then that rig is not the rig you will want. So bottom line your PSU will have to be upgraded and we need to know how much you can afford. To install the card here are a few links to do that. Good luck and get back to us.
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