HP Pavillion dv9930 laptop solid blue screen

My laptop started just going to a blue screen no message at all. I updated the driver for NVidia GeForce 8600M. Sometimes I can try and turn it on and nothing, if I want for hours and turn it on it may come on normally. HP checked my memory and said it was fine, HP suggested reinstalling Windows XP. Is the problem the graphics card? Is it salvagable or do I need to get a new laptop?
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  1. If the BIOS still loads, you could test if it's software or hardware, you could download a bootable Linux CD (such as Ubuntu) on other system, burn it to disc, and test it that way.
  2. Hey i use to have a dv 9930 us but i got an extended warranty from hp so i was able to exchange the computer. Unless you really want to keep the computer toss it out and get a new one. My dv9930us had problems in every single system and the total amount of time i spent on the phone and my computer was at hp was about one month total. Get a new computer because even though they clam that the computer's defects have been fixed they really havent. All the parts that have a problem are: the motherboard, the heat sink fan, the left hinge on the laptop, the graphics card (it caused a class action lawsuit), About the only thing in my dv9930 that didnt get replaced at least once was the wireless internet card.
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