Can a Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family be updated

I was wondering cause I have a laptop with the Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family and I want to know if I can update to a Nvidia or an AMD Graphics card?? Pls help

I have a Toshiba L300-EZ1522
Processor: Intel Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4200 @ 2.00GHz 2.00GHz
RAM: 2.00 GB (1.87 GB Usable
Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit Operating System
Mobile Intel 4 Express Chipset Family

Pls help!!!
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  1. If it is a standard laptop then I do not believe that you can add a graphics card to it.
    All you can do is replace the RAM and the HDD I think.

    Although I could certainly be wrong.
  2. Ok, Can you pls help me cause I really wanna play GTA 4 with my friends and everytime I start it goes black screen for a min. and then gives me an error and crashes.
  3. GTA 4 is a very demanding game, there is a stickied thread in the PC gaming section that talks about it.

    Even if you could get it to boot I would expect a really low framerate from it since your laptop just isnt really good enough to run it.

    Apparently its a real CPU hog so I think that would also be a significant limiting factor for you too.

    I don't actually own GTA 4 so I can't say how it would run on my desktop but I have a feeling I probably couldnt max it out.

    EDIT: This is a handy site to check out if you are able to play PC games
    It isnt perfect but it does help as a guide to see if you have a hope of playing stuff.
  4. I've been to that to website before and it says I could run, but my Video Card fails the test cause its just not good enough, so I would like to fix that and put a Video card on instead of the stupid Chipset it has.
  5. Well hate to break it to you but I do not think you will be able to play it since you really can't add graphics cards to a laptop easily. Mobile versions of graphics cards exist but they often found in prebuilt gaming laptops rendering them much thicker than your average laptop.

    Laptops often have to be replaced when they need to be upgraded.

    If you are wanting to break into PC gaming, get yourself a decent desktop, preferably one that has been build from scratch, not something prebuilt since they tend to use crap parts.

    However if you can invest in a prebuilt PC that has a decent sized case, fairly modern motherboard and a good PSU its not too hard to swap out for better CPUs, graphics cards and RAM.

    Its what I did for my own first PC. Bought it stock and now all that remains from original as standard is the case (which was pretty roomy inside).
  6. Thanks man I'm thinking of getting a decent gaming desktop anyways so thanks for the help. I really did help me a lot.
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