Is power supply is needed for every graphics card

is power supply is needed for every graphics card?
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  1. If you're asking if you need a connector(6 pin or 8 pin) from the PSU to the graphics card, no not every card needs it. Most do and the ones that do not are generally weak but silent (idea for a HTPC)
  2. The power supply is needed to power the +12V 75W circuit in the PCIe x16 slot itself and the external PCIe power cable(s) for larger cards. If you want a card that gets all its power from the slot and your gaming is at 1680x1050 or lower resolution look into one of these:
  3. If you will have multiple graphics cards, then, yes, they each need to be powered.

    But typically it is done with a stronger power supply that has more leads.
    Some basic graphics cards are powered only by the pci-e slot.
    Others need auxiliary 6 or 8 pin pci-e power connectors.
    If your psu has sufficient such connectors, then it will be strong enough to do the job.
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